13th August

I watched an interesting programme today from the BBC Horizon series called Eat, fast and live longer which was about fasting on a regular basis to improve health, increase longevity and prevent mental decline with age. The program showed that regular fasting can not only aid you in weight loss but can also decrease levels of IGF-1 (growth hormone) and blood sugar which can be harmful and lead to illnesses such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

It also showed that you don’t have to go without food completely as simply reducing your calorie intake to around a quarter of the regular suggested level of 2000 calories per day can have beneficial effects. The suggested method was alternative day fasting which means that one day you eat normally and the following day you eat the reduced calorie intake. the other method was what was called the 5:2 method where each week you fast for 2 days.

So I started looking into it as I felt that the idea could be right for me. I think it would be easier for me to eat the reduced amount two days a week rather than try to watch what I eat everyday. I also felt that my personality would make me stick to a fast day doggedly because that’s how my mind works. So I think I want to give it a go! I’ve even been practising drinking black tea to see if I could manage it! I also looked into how I could eat if I was limited to 600 calories per day. A couple of my friends are also trying it out – one of them reported losing 4lbs in a week which isn’t bad!


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