17th August

So this morning I was having a shower and wondered if I should weigh myself – I thought it would be pointless as, after all, I had weighed myself on Tuesday morning just as I was starting this fasting and it had only been 3 days – admittedly two of which had been fast days. I decided to do it anyway and stepped on not expecting any change. To my surprise I had lost 3lbs!!! Blimey if this keeps up it’ll be ok – well that’s my motivation for keeping going sorted then!!

Since I was on holiday I’ve been having problems with my phone telling me I’m running out of space every now and again. When it did it this afternoon I decided to see what I could do about it. I downloaded a back up app and after backing up the data and the apps to the SD card I did a factory rest on it. The restore went wrong at the first attempt and I couldn’t connect to the internet so I did it again. This time the back up program did work and it restored all my apps – well it didn’t actually it only restored the ones that were on the phone, those installed on the SD card weren’t restored so I had to go through and reload them all manually. I also lost some of the data – for example all of the log ins for my word press blogs had gone. Still it’s done now and the space on the phone has increased from 114Mb to 786Mb even after I re installed Google Drive which I’d had to remove to free up space while I was on holiday – phone seems faster too.

We took the kitten in to be neutered today which meant that I had to get the cat basket out from the cupboard under the stairs. I then put everything back and went to make tea, As I opened the fridge door I noticed the light didn’t come on so I felt everything and it was still cold so I assumed that the bulb had gone. However when the kettle wouldn’t work either I realized what I’d done. As I’d put everything back in the cupboard I’d caught the trip and switched off all the electric. I reset it and made the tea. We took Cookie in to the vets and everything went well. Sarah went to her mums for the day and I picked her up from there after work. It was only when I got home that I realised that when the power went off it switched off the PC I had set up to record the John Cage Prom that was broadcast on Radio 3 that evening so it hadn’t recorded – bugger!


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