19th August

Our (allegedly) grown up lodger had to be rescued by our 7 year old from the clutches of the evil………er, kitten!

In Asda shopping for stuff for Bex to take to uni…..

Me: Why are we stood here, what are we looking for?

Sarah: Stationery!

Me: I know we’re stationary but what are we looking for?

Before Asda we had been to PC world where she bought a laptop. While we were waiting for one of the elusive members of staff to serve us I went over to look at the Apple mac section. Now I use a Mac and a PC at work and to be honest I go from one to the other and there are only minor differences. I have to say that for an extra £500 I would really want to see major differences. It’s odd how something which was once an outsider brand is now a top-end consumer product. Once upon a time only the arty and edgy used Mac’s now my mother in law has one!!


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