23rd August

So after my second day of fasting this week I decided to take the plunge and weigh myself again. I decided I would only do it on the day after my second fast day as I didn’t want to become obsessed! So I got on the scales for the second week running not expecting to have lost weight but to my surprise…….well it was more that surprise actually I had to check 3 times. I’ve now lost over half a stone since last Tuesday!!!!!!

Lissi got her GCSE results – 2A*, 2A, 8B & 2C’s – so well done her!

Turned out we didn’t have a gas leak after all. Sarah waited all morning for the British Gas people but when they came they reconnected the gas, tested it and found everything ok. We think that in the panic the night before the gas man forgot the power was still on the central heating and that was probably where the gas was going.

So I ended up spending my afternoon off in the office and it was late by the time we hit the road to Birmingham. Se were going to visit an old friend on the way up to Sunderland. We arrived there at about 7 and had a great evening with nice food, wine and Tony playing his guitar.



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