29th August

Bob Dylan has a new album coming out – this used to be something to look forward to but in recent years I’ve dreaded the prospect. I’ve got past the looking forward/disappointment stage and now I just try and ignore the fact. Shame really as he was one of my first musical heroes. Some people think he has done his best work across the last few albums but frankly they’re insane!!!!

I started to get messages that a track from the new album had been put on line and until today I’d ignored them. Then today it was announced that there was now a video as well and foolishly I gave in. I watched it and looking back I can’t even remember what the music was like because the video just completely blocked it out! It was car crash TV – I knew I should press the stop button but I just couldn’t and the longer I watched the more bizarre it got and the more I couldn’t tear myself away!!

Basically the video was about a boy who is trying to win the affection of a girl and he starts to follow her down the street stealing a rose to give to her. At the end of his first attempt she sprays mace into his face. The second time he gets chased by the Police for stealing a second rose and after a chase knocks a guy off a ladder before being locked up. Then when you think it can’t get any worse his third attempt is thwarted by two hoods who snatch him off the street and throw him into a van. He is then taken to the guy he knocked off the ladder and the two thugs beat the crap out of him with baseball bats and the like before dropping him back on the street.

Running through the video are shots of Dylan dressed in a bizarre costume walking through the streets with an entourage. Only at the very end do we see him approaching the kid as he lies in the street and then he STEPS OVER HIM AND WALKS ON!!! Only at this point do we see Dylan from the front but we also catch a view of a man dressed like Gene Simmons from Kiss walking as part of the entourage.

It’s an awful violent video and I just don’t see what Dylan is thinking! Is this the same man who wrote The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carrol? I do believe he has finally lost it!!

Maybe this will explain it…..


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