30th August

Sums it up really! From the top Emeli Sande is, as far as I know, a Soul Diva who has the fastest selling CD of 2012 – I’ve won 2 tickets to see her next week at the i-Tunes festival but can’t actually remember why I clicked to enter the competition for that gig! Sproatly Smith are a Psych-folk band that a friend recommended and that I’ve been enjoying listening to – hoping I can convince my fellow organisers that they’d be good for SoL. Prince Harry’s knob is a song by “punk poet” Attila the Stockbroker and is about the recent photos of our prince in a state of undress! Even Sarah likes this one and shared it on her Facebook page. Attila once read a poem for me and my first wife on the occasion of our wedding anniversary whilst standing ankle deep in mud at Glastonbury and being filmed for BBC News. We split up not long after that but I don’t think that was Attila’s fault! The last entry sums it up really “What a long strange trip” it has been!

Fast Day 6 – WHY do people always bring cakes in on my fast days – Bastards! These were brought in by someone who is apparently leaving the company today although I have absolutely no idea who he is or what he does!!

Ben has come out with a couple of real corkers recently. The other day he said to his sister “Bex, I’m going to miss you when you go to university……..do you think I can have your room?”

Then tonight he marched into the living room and announced “Aren’t you going to answer that then” We said what and he replied the doorbell! We hadn’t heard it and we were expecting the Tesco delivery man. He then marched to the front door, pulled it open and announced in a loud voice “my family didn’t hear the doorbell”.


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