1st September


skating on happy valley pond
various ministers and guards stood around
the ice was nice hallo the invisible brethren
and there was a tent you played cards with the soldiers in,
don’t worry we won’t send anyone after you they screamed
but me and licorice saw the last of them one misty twisty day
across the mournful morning moor motoring away

Spent the day at Sarah’s mums, we went to Happy Valley and walked across the field, we’d hoped to find a playground for Ben but the signposts didn’t make it clear which way to go so we sat at a picnic table and had some crisps and jaffa cakes before walking back to the car and driving to the playground. We had goes on the slide and the rocking horse as we were the only ones in there!! Afterwards we went into Caterham and looked round the shops.

New series of Doctor Who started tonight. We got to meet the new assistant who will be taking the place of the lovely Amy later in the series. Curiously though at the moment it would seem that she is trapped inside a Dalek! Have to wait and see how that one pans out!


I was amused by the number of people posting about last nights “blue moon”. A blue moon is simply a term given to the second full moon in a calendar month, and obviously that doesn’t happen very often hence the expression! It doesn’t mean there’s anything different about the moon and it probably goes to show that people don’t normally observe the moon. I did try and look but it was cloudy. In any case it looked so much better tonight, even as it was starting to wane, when seen through thin watery cloud.


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