3rd September

Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day
Monday, Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way
Oh Monday morning you gave me no warning of what was to be


Our ailurophobic lodger left today – no more high pitched squeals followed by the sound of running up/down stairs or the slamming and cowering behind doors at the sight of the ferocious kitten! In the end Sarah and I used to sit creasing up with laughter before eventually sending our 7 year old to rescue her!!

As usual the room has been left in a state – she made no attempt to clean the room, the new hoover is still in the box (there is always the possibility that the old one broke when she dropped it at the sight of a feline in the dining room. In addition to the uncleanliness there are marks on the carpet, grease stains on the wall, bed and other furniture as well as rips in the mattress protector on the bed. Despite all that she still expected to get her full deposit back.

Lissi has now decided which Sixth form she is going to – even though she isn’t sure if she will be able to do all of the subjects she wants to do – she came back full of it and we took her out in the evening to show her the best route to take when she cycles there. (It actually turned out to not be where I thought it was – how long have I lived here !!!)

In the afternoon I had a phone call at work from a woman who was trying to get a VHS tape converted onto DVD. It’s not the sort of thing we do at work and if we did we’d probably be prohibitively expensive – actually I’m not even sure we own a VHS player any more. She explained that it was a video of her daughter’s first birthday that she wanted to show at her 21st birthday party on Saturday. So I offered to do it at home for her. It was quite straight forward, I just plugged my VHS player I got from Freecycle into the input of the DVD recorder i got from Freecycle and let it run! It turned out to be about 5 times longer than the 2 mins she’d told me but that was ok. The worst bit is if she offers me something for doing it – I still have this guilt about accepting money for things like that – happier to do them for nothing – A random act of kindness if you like!



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