4th September

Fast day 7: I’m getting the hang of this now and almost looking forward to them. Today for lunch I made up half a packet of cous cous last night and added some grated carrot and red pepper to it. Quite filling and around 200 calories which allows me to also have a yoghurt and apple for my lunch and still allow me to eat a bowl of soup tonight. I’ve evn started to tolerate the milkless, sugarless tea…….well almost!!!

Richard Dawkins was on Radio 4 this morning talking to Jim Al-Khalili on Radio 4’s The Life Scientific. He got to discussing his atheist beliefs atheism. I liked one quote when he said that most people only like one religion, the one they believe in, so why not go the next logical step and hate them all!!! It got me thinking about what I believe in, not a god like the christian god that’s for certain. I think that I believe in nature and that we all come from some great power/energy and we return there again when we die. I think that what we think of as love is the closest we get to feeling the power of the universe. Maybe Gaia is what I believe in – who knows maybe I need to formulate my thoughts on this one!!

I managed to get a small video/audio mixer from Freecycle today and had to pop over to Maidstone to pick it up. The traffic was a nightmare as the one way system through the town centre is down to one lane (right next to the Police station – I bet that’s popular!!). The up side was that Radio 3’s composer of the week is John Adams and on tonight’s program  they played the piece that first got me into Adams – On the transmigration of souls which was composed for the victims of the 9/11 attacks in New York – a very haunting piece as he uses the names of the victims and words written on the posters put up by relatives of the missing.

Then as I was driving home Sarah rang and said we had to go to Hempstead Valley to buy Lissi a bike lock as she was going to cycle to school the following day and they couldn’t find the keys for the ones on Becky’s bike. I’m always amazed by the way women can make you feel as if you should have known all this and made soure you were home on time. Anyway we made it to Argos in time to pick it up and on the way back we decided to pop into Tesco to buy a few bits! As we were wandering round we could help but notice that they had started putting the Christmas things out and there were selection boxes etc already on the shelves – IT”S ONLY JUST FUCKING SEPTEMBER FOR CHRIST”S SAKE!!!!!!!!

When we eventually got home we had some more good news. It would appear that Becky has been awarded a Bursary for her university course which effectively covers her accommodation costs for the whole of her first year which is really good news. It means that the money she has been saving from her wages for the past two and a bit years will go even further now.

Watched some of the Paraympics – really enjoying watching this, far better than the Olympics. I’ve become enthralled by wheelchair basketball which I’ve found really exciting. The track events have been good too, Dave Weir’s 1500m win tonight was spectacular. i was also chuffed that the women’s relay team got their bronze as I really felt for that poor girl who couldn’t get hold of the baton on the last lap.


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