5th September

I had a lucky escape on the way to work this morning. A Police car pulled in behind me which is always worrying but then he started to slow the traffic down, like they do, by moving from side to side. Slowly I watched the traffic recede into the distance in my rear view mirror as I continued on my journey!

I got a text this morning from the lady who I had copied the VHS to DVD for. She included the following info:

Sooo excited I know that my Mum and Dad are on this clip, now long since died, so its going to be so lovely to see them again

I already knew I didn’t want any money for doing it but this just made me more determined. As I said sometimes you have to trust to Karma. She did insist on giving me a bottle of champagne though!


Oh no! My company is now following me on Twitter – must remember not to post any more “I’m Bored” messages!!!!!




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