6th September

This morning I read an article on BBC news about the Prog Awards. Prog was always a term that I struggled with as when I first started to listen to music all rock music was pretty much called Progressive rock, then the term changed to Hard Rock before moving to Heavy rock. then there seemed to be a point where music split into genres and terms like Heavy metal, Prog and Pomp started to appear. I’ve never liked these categories as music is music as far as I’m concerned!

So I read the article….Genesis, makes sense, Pink Floyd, were they Prog? Yes OK I guess, Radiohead and Muse WTF! Then I got down to the bit about new stuff and was intrigued by the mention of two bands, newcomers TesseracT and old favourites of mine Rush. So I decided to check them out on Spotify. Newboys TesseracT mention that they’re huge fans of Pink Floyd so I expected something in that ilk but instead their album made me think that they could decided whether to be Prog or Metal so you’d get and opening which sounded like say Yes before it crashed off into a Metallica style metal thrash! I lasted a couple of songs before deciding to investigate the new Rush album.

I’d last seen Rush back in around 1980 when they toured with their latest album at the time Permanent Waves. Their music was changing at the time, away from the sort of stuff that had attracted me in the first place which I guess you would now call Prog, the likes of 2112 or Xanadu towards a more straight forward rock sound. (I also had the mischance of meeting the band after the gig and came away thinking they were a bunch of pretentious twats which didn’t help!!). Anyway I had a listen to some of their latest album Clockwork Angels which was described as having a dystopian steampunk theme! After a couple of tracks I decided that back in 1980 my musical tastes had moved on and theirs obviously didn’t!

Fast Day 8: Weird thing about the 2nd fast day in the week is that I feel less confident about it, feel like I haven’t lost any weight or that maybe I’m putting it back on. On Tuesday I felt slimmer today I feel fatter – psychological I know but distressing. I also find myself thinking “god I’m hungry!” Usually followed shortly after by “oh yeah, that’s the point!”

Last night as I was leaving work I suddenly thought that I hadn’t seen the neighborhood fox for a long time. I was worried that something had happened to him. Then tonight as I came out of the office there he was! I finally managed to get a couple of pictures of him.




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