7th September

Weighed myself this morning and hurrah I’ve now lost just over a stone in around 4 weeks – long may this continue! In a typical self deprecating way I was disappointed that I hadn’t dipped below the next stone marker!


I had a meeting at Lords this afternoon which was nice as it meant I got to get out of the office for a change. It was a beautiful day and I sat for a while outside a bar inside the ground. There was a match going on but I couldn’t see any action from where I was sitting! Afterwards I toyed with the idea of going round to Abbey Road as I have only been there once since I moved to London twenty odd years ago and that was when I drove down it looking for somewhere I didn’t find because I’d been sent to the wrong Abbey Road! However I decided against it as I wanted to go to the Soundworks exhibition at the ICA in the Mall.


In the end the ICA thing was disappointing as I was expecting there to be more than just the Bruce Nauman installation Days. I was expecting there to be some of the works that are featured on the ICA website. I got the impression that the upper gallery was showcasing the sound art but when I got there it was an exhibition by a painter called Piotr Janas, whose work did look interesting but it was too hot and stuffy up there to spend too long in the gallery. I have heard most of the works from the website anyway.

So I did the Days installation a couple of times. There were two lines of 7 flat panel speakers each of which had a different voice coming out of it reciting the days of the week in random orders. I think there were 7 voices which ran in a straight line from left to right down one side and from right to left on the other side which meant that the central panel had the same voice slightly out of sync which gave a great effect. I enjoyed the installation as you could get different effects where ever you stood. Also outside of the installation you got a cacophonous mishmash of the whole thing – bet it’s been driving the staff mad!



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