8th September

Q. What do a piece of string, some bluetac, a fridge magnet, a length of garden cane, sellotape, tweezers and Sarah have in common?

A. They were all needed to rescue a ball bearing that dropped between the planks of the decking!!

So after cutting the grass this morning I decide to try and fix the broken jet wash nozzle. Wary of how I ended up with a load of screws in my hand when I took it to bits a few weeks ago I got a plastic cup to put them in. After removing all the screws I took the housing apart and removed the hose. As I did I saw the ball bearing and spring shoot out and fall to the decking and watched helplessly as the ball bearing went through the gap between two of the deck boards!

I looked down the gap and could see it lying about a foot below me but how to get it? Taking the deck board up was one option but not an appealing one. It would mean charging the electric screwdriver and that would take hours. If only there was something I could reach it with. Sarah suggested a magnet and a piece of string. We found a broken fridge magnet and I bluetac’d a piece of string to it. I then lowered this down between the deck boards and on the fourth of fifth attempts I snagged it. I slowly pulled it up only to find that it wouldn’t go through the gap, the magnet plus bluetac plus string and ball bearing were too wide. I tried to slide it along to see if it would fit elsewhere but as I did it fell off and landed in the mulch below the decking partly obscuring itself as it did.

I tried again but I couldn’t get the string to swing far enough across so Sarah suggested a piece of garden cane. I found one in the gardening cupboard and as soon as I tracked down the sellotape I lowered it down to pick up the ball bearing and got it again. Once again I lifted it up to the gap between the boards and once again I could see it wasn’t going to fit through. So I had an idea I twisted the cane so that the bearing was now facing upwards and I shouted for Sarah to come and help. Unfortunately she was in the loo so I had to lie there, holding onto this bloody thing until she had finished. I showed her the problem and she went off and came back with her tweezers and gingerly plucked the ball bearing rom the magnet and dropped it carefully on the decking! Phew!

After that we took some stuff to the dump, an old chest of drawers, computer table plus 2 old DVD players and a printer. At the dump I put all of the wood into the wood recycling container and then took the DVD players over to the skip where they go. While I was in there I spotted an old PC with the top off and inside were 2 memory sticks so I recycled them! They we PC2700 512Mb modules which fitted in the dining room PC and increased it’s memory from 500Mb to 1.5 Gb and it now runs so much faster!! Result!!

Land of Hope and Glory, Mother of the Free,
How shall we extol thee, who are born of thee?
Wider still, and wider, shall thy bounds be set;
la la lala lala…..

So second episode of Doctor Who tonight called Dinosaurs on a Spaceship! I watched it with Ben who does have this annoying habit of talking through the bits that explain the plot. I loved the scene near the end where Rory’s dad is sitting in the doorway of the Tardis as it orbits earth, eating a sandwich and drinking a cuppa while admiring the view of  the planet. This was followed by the Last Night of the Proms with all the usual flag waving and singing along that goes with it!

I will not cease from Mental Fight,
Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand:
Till we have built Jerusalem,
In Englands green and pleasant Land


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