9th September

Today would have been my Dad’s 75h Birthday. I’ve not phoned anyone as it’s always down to me, that’s why I stopped doing it on my mum’s birthday. It would be nice if people phoned me on days like this, my phone does accept incoming phone calls!

I had a weird dream last night, quite graphic but with no basis in reality. I can only assume it came from an advert I’d glimpsed momentarily on the side f a bus in London on Friday afternoon – weird how the mind works!

Otherwise it was quite a good day. Needless to say that the repair I did on my jet washer nozzle yesterday didn’t work, the pressure was too much and it just started leaking again. I’d just put everything back when Sarah’s colleague offered to lend us one after she’d appealed on Facebook. I went and collected it and we (or rather Sarah) jetwashed the rest of the decking. I also pulled all of the weeds out of the front garden and generally cleared up ready for a bbq in the afternoon.


It was a red hot day but as I was cooking the food the clouds started to gather. We sat in the garden with Sarah’s family to celebrate Becky going to university next weekend but just as we finished eating a few drops of rain started to fall. We quickly grabbed everything and went inside. The rain didn’t last long but it had gone really cold so we never got to go back out. It did rain later in the evening with a huge clap of thunder but I missed it (I think I’d nodded off!)

When we cleared my Gran’s house out after she died we brought back a couple of things that meant something to us. Among them were a stuffed dog and a footstool. The dog has sat on the stool wearing a hat that belonged to my Dad ever since. Today Ben hasn’t left the hat alone and has played with it all day, even putting his most prized possessions of the moment – his Moshi Monsters – in it when he went to bed last night. We haven’t said anything to him about today being Grandad’s birthday – maybe he just knows subconsciously!


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