10th September


It was still quite dark when my alarm clock went off this morning. I was pleased to see that the adjustment we made yesterday to the temperature gauge on the hot water tank meant the bathroom radiator was on this morning! By the time I’d showered and shaved the sun was just starting to peep above the horizon when I went out sort out the remnants of yesterday’s barbecue.

Fast Day 9: I moved it to Monday and Wednesday this week because of a show on Thursday. There’s a point on my way to work where I always think about a cup of coffee when I get there only to realise that I won’t be able to have one! Still I had a nice salad with a small piece of chicken that was left over from the BBQ.

Sarah had sent me a link to an online article about the diet and some of the comments were hilarious and some were down right annoying! There seems to be a sort of diet mafia where people have strong feelings about any subject. Either they are anti-diet which probably means they’ve never been overweight in their lives or they want everything analysed down to the last calorie – these are the sort of people who have put me off diets for so long – still I guess weightwatchers would be out of business if everyone just simply did what I’m doing!!

Then there were the pedants who insisted on posting saying it wasn’t really fasting and you weren’t actually starving – get a life ffs!. there were those who tried to push their religion by claiming their holy book advocated fasting! There were the usual fuckwits who said things like “I tried the vodka diet, lost a whole weekend!” But my favourite was the guy who said “Great you starve yourself one day and feed your face the next to catch up” – well no actually you don’t and if you do then I think you’ve probably got a serious eating issue that may need some sort of psychological help!

One comment interested me as the poster said that she felt a sense of wellbeing after doing it for a couple of weeks and that seems to be what I’ve found. I have felt a lot happier in myself when I’ve been doing the “fasting”, an unexplained feeling of something that I almost feel borders on the spiritual – odd I know but true.

In the evening I had to walk Lissi down to the station and act as body guard while she sold a handbag to someone who insisted that they meet there instead of coming to the house! Sarah was worried that the woman might try to grab it and run but in the end not only was the transaction legit she gave Lissi £5 instead of £4 as she didn’t have any change. Lissi refused to hand over the £6 I tried to claim as payment for my protection!

Then we took Ben to buy some Moshi Monsters that Sarah had seen on Facebay. The lady had offered 8 for £3.50 and we had agreed to buy these but she then said they had some “rare” ones so we took Ben and his money to see which ones she wanted to buy. In the end he spent another £4 buying two of the four rare ones on offer. Apparently one of them was £3 because it was “ultra rare” – oh well he was happy and that was the main thing!!


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