11th September


I keep telling them I’d prefer chocolate!

ITV had two of my favourite films on back to back tonight. First up was get Carter which is set in and around Newcastle and was filmed back in 1971. The film shows the bleak state of the North East in the early 70’s as the city was in the process of being transformed (not always for the best) and corruption was rife. Ironically a lot of the new buildings have since been demolished.


Annoyingly when that finished at 12:20 am another great film was on after it. The Wicker Man is set on an island off the coast of Scotland which is meant to be a pagan community which needs to make a sacrifice to ensure the harvest. When we were young my parents took my brother to a campsite near where the film was shot and a replica of the Wicker Man was still standing on the island – sadly I wasn’t with them because I’d gone off to Scout Camp (where I had a miserable time and narrowly avoided getting food poisoning due to my dislike of sardines!!)


I decided not to watch it as I do have both versions on DVD. Sarah pointed out that she finds all of the films I like to be unfathomable and weird – I took this to be a compliment!!


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