14th September

First task this morning was to pick the solitary green pepper that grew on the plant in the back garden. I had hoped it would change colour but it seems to have stuck at green and I was worried that it would decay before I got a chance to eat it. So it was duly picked, sliced and added to the cous cous salad I made myself for lunch – blimey eating “fast” day foods on a non fast day whatever next!!


Then I stopped off at the school and had a look around the new porta cabin with the new head. It was supposed to have been finished before the start of term so the staff could have a week to sort it out before the children arrived. The start date for the nursery kids was put back a week and it still didn’t look like being ready on time. This time the start date couldn’t be delayed any further and come hell or high water it has to open on Monday! The site looked like a scene from DIY SOS with vans and workmen all over the place. It STILL won’t be finished by the end of the day and the workmen will have to return at a later stage to finish the work off. The aim is simply to get the building to a usable, safe state by 4pm this afternoon which, to be honest, still looked like a big ask!!

Then when I did get to work I realised that I wanted to get my expenses done to get them signed off and that I was now an hour late. I had a look in the bosses office and I could see that the tray was still full. However everything seemed to be stacked against me as my laptop took almost 2 hours to boot up and be usable! I also couldn’t find where I’d written the job number down. Eventually I decided to use a different PC and got them done. After printing it out, stapling the receipts to it and signing it I realised I had put the dates of the two receipts the wrong way round. I changed them and printed agin but for some reason got a second copy of the original version. Ripping the staples out again I finally got a copy with the correct dates on and went to put it in his tray only to find he was now in a meeting – damn! The good news is that I did manage to get them in the tray before he started signing – phew!


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