15th September

Taking Becky to uni!

When I went to University at the end of the 70’s there were important things to take with me. There was a crate of vinyl lps, boxes of cassette, speakers, amplifier, record player and tape deck! These were bulky items and filled a lot of space in the car. In this modern age all of this can be replaced by an mp3 player that fits in your pocket and a pair of miniature self powered speakers. So why is the car still so full that Becky has to climb in through the front seats to get into the middle seat at the back?




This is the third daughter we’ve dropped to university at the start of her course. We’ve always dropped them on the Saturday and helped them move their stuff in, then left them to enjoy their first night with their new flatmates (this usually involves drinking copious amounts of alcohol) while we go off and stay overnight before returning the next morning to take them shopping and make sure they have enough food to survive their first week while they get settled in and find their bearings.


However the cost of a hotel room in Brighton on a Saturday night is extortionate – even Travellodge want silly money and as pointed out earlier even at £19 a night you still feel you’ve been overcharged so we certainly won’t give them £80 a night. We we’ve found a nice campsite about 16 miles away that we booked ourselves into for the night. It’s called Heaven farm and we’ve also got a new tent which goes up in minutes and is ideal for a single night stay.


The farm is one of those that obviously decided that there were better ways of earning money that actually producing food! There’s a restaurant, craft shop and organic produce outlet. In addition there is a farm museum and nature trail available. The campsite is divided into 2 – a huge field for general camping and a smaller field which has electric hook up points (and is a damn site nearer the loos!). The couple who run it are old and doddery and it takes us a while to check in and get pointed to out pitch. The old man has to run a power cable over to us as the one on our pitch is pushed through the hedge into the next field. there are chickens, geese and ducks running free in the field and they chase each other round us as we are putting up the tent in the late afternoon sunshine.



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