16th September


Was this ever true? I doubt it!

Today was one of those days! After we got up and dressed and packed the tent away we set off to go back to the University Campus to pick up Bex and take her food shopping like we did with my two. At least that way we know that they have got some food in to get them through the first few days at Uni while they are still finding their feet – although the on site shop at Sussex is quite good albeit, as a Co-op, quite expensive.

We set off from the campsite and decided to pull in at the Bluebell Railway just down the road to pick up a brochure for when Sarah’s sister is over from Oz. We also thought that we might do it when we’re coming down to Brighton at the start if November if Ben gets bored of the vintage cars. As we pulled into the carpark another car pulled up next to us and the driver tapped on the windscreen and told us that the brake lights had gone on the car!


So we had to google the nearest branch of Halfords which turned out to be in Uckfield so we set off to find it. Thankfully there was little traffic on the road so we got there quite quickly and purchased a set of replacement bulbs. I then had to remove all of the camping stuff so I could get to the back of the rear clusters to remove them before fitting the bulbs – it turned out to be quite easy so we were soon on our way.

We then headed down to Falmer where we picked up Becky and took her to Asda. We tried to get her laptop working with the Uni’s wireless system but it just wouldn’t have it. At one point I wandered into the kitchen to see if it would work better nearer to the wifi point but it didn’t and when I got back I sat down on the bed and went straight through it! Bex was highly amused for some reason!

She had discovered that she’d left her phone charger at home so that was one of the things that was on the list when we went shopping. She also wanted some drawers for the bottom of her wardrobe but ended up buying storage boxes instead. After she’d bought a load of “student food” and a crate of Strongbow we headed off to the chekout to pay. She handed over her card and it was declined – twice!. So she went off to the cashpoint and although she could see her balance it wouldn’t let her withdraw any funds. She rang the bank but as she couldn’t tell them the answers to the security questions they wouldn’t unblock it. So eventually Sarah had to pay and we went back to her room.


She plugged her mobile phone in and we went off to make some lunch before setting off home. The Pawn Brokers she worked in had given her a huge basket of stuff as a leaving present and amongst all the useful things like pasta and shower caps was a sandwich toaster so we decided to try it out. While we were making the lunch she found a text on her phone which was from the bank asking her to ring a number which she did. It was an automated service which asked her to confirm if she had made several transactions (which she had) and then her card was re-instated. So before we left she went off to the cashpoint to get Sarah’s cash and then she went to the Freshers hub to buy tickets for her roommate (who’d gone off to band practice!). Eventually we bade her farewell and set off to pick up the 2 children that we now have left!

3 down, 2 to go!!!!



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