18th September

Fast Day 11: Seems like ages since I last did one and I’ve eaten out at least 3 times in that time! hope it hasn’t affected my weight loss! We’ll have to wait and see on Friday won’t we!


Ah ha! New (well new to me) work laptop! Not before time as my old one was really slow and could take up to two hours to boot and get into my e-mail system. I’d taken to leaving it on overnight as it saved me time the next morning when I switched it on! The new one runs Windows 7 too which is great (finally upgraded just as Windows 8 is about to come out!!) I spent the afternoon setting it up and then took it home to get it working with my home network too. An improvement is that I can now see the other PC’s on my home network which I’m sure I couldn’t do on the old one!

There was an awful incident in Manchester today, two Police women were shot dead by the nutty gunman they’ve been searching for in connection with two other murders including one in which a man was killed by a grenade. My brother appeared on TV to announce that one of the Policewomen had died but sadly the other one died later in hospital. After that his boss was the one pushed in front of the cameras. My brother later tweeted

“The hardest day of my career. Such devastation and pain. Lost two wonderful officers. Thanks to everyone for their support.”

I have to say that coming from a Police family I feel things like this – I remember when my brother first started hearing on the news about a Policeman being shot and my heart nearly stopped. It’s awful that two young women got up that morning to do the job they loved and never came home again and why? This asrehole has now killed 4 people and for what? Some pathetic turf war? I have to say that I don’t understand why he would lure the policewomen into a trap, kill them and then hand himself in which is the story being pushed by GMP – seems odd. I would have thought that when the Police arrived he panicked and shot them. then afterwards he probably realised that the Police would be looking for him even more now and I suspect that he realised that the chances of him dying in a hail of bullets had probably increased and in an act of cowardice handed himself in.

There’s been all the usual calls when this sad event happens – bring back hanging, arm the police etc. I have to say that I agree with the GMP Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy when he says that things like stab vest, tazers and guns actually build up the barriers between Police and Community and make it more likely that Police officers will be in danger. The Association of Chief Police Officers have said they agree but of course since when do Politicians listen to experts? They’ll no doubt want to do something kneejerk as usual especially that idiot of a Home Secretary Teresa May! Oh and talking of Tory arseholes – Old Storming Norman has suddenly reappeared to say “Bring back ‘anging!” – twat!!!

There was another example of Politicians not listening to experts on Radio 4 this morning. Prof. David Nutt was formally the chairman of the Government’s Drug advisory committee until he foolishly gave them some advice they didn’t want to hear i.e. some drugs aren’t as bad as they are made out to be. It turned out that the purpose of the DAC was not to advise but simply to back up any old crap that the Government wants us to believe so they sacked him! Oh well he has had the last laugh as he set up his own advisory committee which now gets more interest from the press that the official one – he even hinted that Government have even sought advice from them!

Anyway the reason he has been in the news is that he has two studies coming out soon. One is on Channel 4 is investigating the effects of ecstasy on the brain by getting volunteers to take the drug while undergoing brain scans. The other is looking into the possibilty of treating depression with psilocybin (magic mushrooms). Apparently he discovered in an earlier experiment that instead of increasing brain activity as was widely assumed psychoactive drugs actually shut down sections of the brain. I found this to be highly interesting, not only because I have suffered from depression in the past, but also because psychoactive drugs are also meant to help with Cluster headaches (which I also suffer from) and I wondered if this might be the answer to why this could help in this case too!


P.S. Not middle aged yet – it’s official!!


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