20th September

Woken in the night by a child’s cry, disembodied and ethereal in the silence of the early hours. Too young to be Ben but why would there be a child outside at this time of night? Then I realised that it was coming from next door, god the walls are thin in this house! So we’ve got rid of the clanking pipe but gained a small person waking in the night and screaming Muuuuummmmmmmyyyyyy!

It’s really odd when you have an unusual surname to hear it on the radio but when you hear it 4 times in 5 minutes on the main story on the Radio 4 news it’s really jarring! The good thing was that they pronounced it right although one reporter did stumble over it! The reason it was being used was because my brother was being interviewed about the events in Manchester. There were two soundbites from him in the first few minutes as well. What I did find annoying though was the fact that they had him at the top of the news condemning the gang violence in Manchester and pleading with the rival families to call an end to the feuds, then at the other end of the news they reported the death of Charlie Richardson a South London gangster from the 60’s who was a rival to the Krays. Whenever they talk about the gangs of the 60’s it’s always romanticised – as if the people they killed or tortured didn’t matter – apparently this guy used to give the people he tortured a clean shirt to go home in – well that makes it all right then doesn’t it! How can there be outrage about gangs at one end of the news and then a cozy story about another gang at the other end?

Fast Day 12: One thing I have noticed is that when I have a fast day and don’t eat breakfast I don’t get hungry until later in the day. I’ve noticed this for a while – the more I have for breakfast the earlier I want to start eating my lunch! I’ve also found that on fast days I feel the cold which I don’t usually. I did notice that I felt quite bloated today and was concerned that I might have put weight on instead of losing it! Oh well we’ll see tomorrow!



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