22nd September


Ben was supposed to be at Beaver camp this weekend and Sarah and I had booked to go camping at a site near Canterbury called Nethergong. At the last moment Ben’s camp was postponed so all 3 of us went off leaving Lissi at home with her friend. Sarah had been talking to me about the site for a while but their website doesn’t do the place justice. It wasn’t until I started looking into it that I started to realise that this place looked really good. We arrived about 3pm and the people showed us round and indicated a number of places we could pitch our tent. They showed us the wood with a number of tents already pitched in between the trees and then they showed us an open camping field bounded on one side by the edge of the wood and on the other by a raised dyke. We let Ben choose where we camped and he picked the camping field (probably due to the fact there were children running round). We picked a spot in a little circular indent into the wood.


We put up the tent and sorted out the beds. While we were doing this the owner arrived to deliver some wood and kindling along with a metal firepit. We finished setting up the tent and after making a cup of tea ben and I went to climb up on top of the dyke while Sarah went to the loo. I took some photos including the one at the top of the page using my phone and the pudding camera app. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and for the type of year reasonably warm. We then set off to go into Whitstable to go and get something to eat.


VC jones is one of the best Fish and Chip shops we know. It’s on the one way system in Whitstable and in addition to the take away section there is a little restaurant in the back. At busy times you often have to wait for a table but we got there just as a couple were leaving so we grabbed their table straight away. We had fish and chips and a mug of tea and afterwards we went for a walk along the beach. Ben had his wellies on but somehow he managed to get seawater in them so when we got back to the car we had to take his soggy socks off and put binbags in his wellies!




We got back to the campsite just as it was getting dark and were soon sitting round a roaring log fire. I went off to fill the kettle while it was still getting dark and found the only torch we’d brought with us a little weak! Sarah later went with Ben before he went to bed and she said they almost ended up in the river! A while later I needed to go over to the toilet block but found out that Ben had the torch with him in bed. Sarah suggested that I took the solar lamps but I didn’t think I’d be able to carry one of them as well. I managed to get through the woodland path, along the side of the stream, over the bridge and into the loo. I thought it would be harder on the way back but I managed to find the path through the woods without any problem. Once I stepped into the trees I saw the light of our fire in the distance which guided me through the wood. Unfortunately there was a slight loop in the path and I ran into some nettles! We decided to save some of the wood for the next morning so when the fire burnt down we went to bed.



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