23rd September


I woke in the night, it was very cold. I needed to go to the loo so I found my shoes and unzipped the tent door. I stuck my head out and as I did I looked up. The sky was clear and the trees behind the tent looked black silhouetted against the sky. I followed their shape towards the sky and there I saw hundreds and hundreds of stars sparkling in the night shy like a crown above the trees. I stood outside the tent and looked all around, the sky in all directions was clear and just full of stars. It was a heart stoppingly beautiful sight that I could have stood and stared at all night…..if it hadn’t been so heart stoppingly cold!!


The owner of the campsite had posted notices around the site and had made sure that everyone knew that the weather forecast for today was for heavy rain and high winds so we made sure that after breakfast we packed every thing away before 10am. Once everything was in the car we drove round to the toilet block where we took turns in having showers. While I was waiting with Ben it started to rain so our idea of going for a wander round the site was abandoned. Once we were ready the rain was starting to get worse so we just decided to go back home.

We’d been home for about an hour when it really started to pour down. It was at this point that we discovered water coming into the utility area. It’s odd but everytime it rains heavily the water seems to come in somewhere different. This time water  was pouring out of the end of the guttering and arcing round to hit the window outside the loo. It was one of those weird moments when we discovered that if we opened the window less water came in!! We had to mop everything up and put towels down before we went off to Tesco to do some shopping.

On the whole it was cold and wet today. We even had to put the heating on – we weren’t alone as lots of people were saying on Facebook that they were doing the same. It was almost as if yesterday’s equinox had jump started autumn. It was the second weekend running that I’d worn shorts on the Saturday in clear skies and sunshine and then had to put on trousers on a cold and miserable Sunday. We even decided to have a roast for Sunday dinner – it was that cold!!


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