24th September

Miserable weather! Awful traffic! It must be Monday morning!!


One of the contributors to Start the Week on Radio 4 this morning was talking about a production of Wagner’s Ring Cycle that is due to open at the Royal Opera House. I would love to be able to go and see the whole 16 hours of the Ring even though I’m not one of those rabid Wagnerians that are almost as obsessive as Deadheads! The programme ended with a warning “Don’t even think about trying to get a ticket as they sold out months ago” – nice!

So just out of interest I thought I’d see if I could try and find out how much the tickets had been. I didn’t find out exactly but did find a website that pointed out it would be cheaper to fly to Berlin and check into a 5* hotel next year to see Daniel Barenboim conduct the Ring Cycle than it would be to just buy tickets for the London performances. The cost of top price tickets at the Royal Opera House for 4 nights was around £1000 – as they say it’s not elitist!! Oh well back on the bucket list!

Stupid highlight of the day: I managed to get the audio to come out of the socket on the docking station instead of the one on the laptop which means I don’t have to unplug it every night and re-plug it again the following morning usually with a loud bang as I forgot to turn the volume on the mixer down!!


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