25th September

Fast Day 13: here’s a curious one! I’ve felt quite down for the past couple of days but today when I’m fasting I feel much better – strange don’t you think?

Our new lodger arrived today – she’s a trainee doctor from Germany – but for a while she was on the missing list! Sarah had arranged for one of her friends to be at the house when she arrived as the rest of us were at work or school. However after waiting for an hour there was no sign of the lodger so the friend had to go. We assumed that she had decided to arrive at 4pm instead but there was still no sign of her.

Eventually the little old lady from a few doors down knocked on our door and told us that she’d found the lodger on the doorstep as she’d arrived even earlier than she’d expected and invited her to go for a cup of tea. They went off and didn’t return until after Sarah’s friend had left. The old lady then invited her into her house where she fell asleep, which is where she currently was. Then when the lodger woke up the old lady decided to feed her so it was nearly 9 o’clock by the time she made it to ours! Seems ok from what I’ve seen of her so far – better than the last two anyway which, lets face it, couldn’t be hard!


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