28th September

Got on the scales this morning as was pleased to see that the weight is continuing in the downward direction! It’s now almost halfway between the last stone marker and the next one. My total weight loss is now in excess of 1.5 stones in 6 weeks which is quite good going really. I was particularly pleased to see it had gone down as yesterday was the first time I had exceeded the 600 calorie limit for fast days and I felt a bit guilty about that!

It’s good to see that they’ve found the missing schoolgirl that disappeared off to France with her maths teacher but there’s something niggling at me. A 15 year old girl from an affluent area goes missing with a teacher and half of Europe’s Police are alerted to try and find her. However when a kid from a disadvantaged background goes to the Police and authorities and tells them she is being systematically abused she gets patted on the head and told to run along and stop making up stories.

Oh my god the people in the next office have got the radio tuned to Magic FM! The music choices are so twee it’s unbelievable. Everytime I walk through I have one of those “Sliding Doors” moments! In one reality I keep walking, in the other I have a reaction like John Belushi in Animal House when he passes the guy on the stairs with the guitar!

I’ve just discovered that there is a folk club in Dartford that has gigs with quite big name groups. For example next week on Tuesday they have Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick appearing for their 39th anniversary. The reason I found it was that I was looking for local shows by a band called Lady Maisery and it turns out they’re playing there next January for the princely sum of £8 – sounds like a bargain to me!

Driving home tonight I got stuck in traffic on the M25 – I blamed Sarah as every time she asks me how long I will be and I give her a time there turns out to be a traffic jam just up ahead! This happens with such monotonous regularity that I often refuse to answer the question just in case! So it was almost 7 when I came through the tunnel. As I did I saw the traffic all stopped on the other side of the road. There were a number of people standing looking at someone on the ground. My first thought was that someone had been knocked off their motorbike but it turned out that they had jumped or fallen from the bridge above. The news later reported that they had died.


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