31st October


Went to pick up a prescription this morning that I ordered using the surgeries new online system. When I got there it wasn’t there. Apparently the idiot doctor I saw last time had put in my notes that I’d been given a prescription for them last Monday. I told them that their records were wrong and they told me to pop back later. I pointed out that it would be the next day and I’d just have to do without my tablets in the meantime but it fell on deaf ears. Good job they aren’t critical type tablets.

I didn’t even bother asking why they hadn’t contacted me to clarify the situation because I knew what the answer would be! They have a habit of hiding their shortcomings and competencies behind the cloak of patient confidentiality.

Went out to feed the cats tonight as Lissi is away (and camping out tonight!!!) – had to step over the dead mouse that had been left proudly by one of the felines just outside the back door and then before I could put the food into the bowls I had to remove the myriad of slugs that were sliming all over the place. I got rid of them by holding the bowl over the wall and banging it till they all fall off – one of these days I’ll do that and someone will be walking down the alley! I decided the dead mouse could stay there till morning!


30th October

Bloody great isn’t it. E-on always moan because I don’t give them meter readings fast enough when they ask for them. This has been, in the past, due to the amount of stuff in the cupboard under the stairs. However that was greatly reduced when we had the gas leak a while back and they changed our meter even though it wasn’t that at fault. We cleared a load of stuff out and took it to the garage.

Yesterday they e-mailed asking for readings and because of the changed meter I wanted to make sure they got them. I was worried because the guy who took the meter out was a bit vague and as you may recall the meter was stolen from outside the house. I was expecting this to cause an issue with the reading when I submitted it. So this morning I climbed into the cupboard and read the meter. I did try taking a photograph but it didn’t come out too well so I had to crouch down to see the dial. Once I had them I entered them in on the website.

I was right there was an issue – not with the gas as expected but with the electric. It asked me to check the reading so I did and the figure I inserted was correct. It still didn’t believe me! Typical isn’t it they moan when you don’t give them a reading and when you do give them one they don’t believe you!!

29th October

Since British Summer time ended yesterday and we altered all of the clocks in the house there is one problem! The clock in the kitchen has been 10 minutes fast for so long we can’t remember it being right. When the clocks went back I set it to the correct time and now we have to remember that we have got that “extra 10 minutes”!

Not that it matters that much at the moment as it’s half term and I’m the only one going to work! Having said that my body clock which normally wakes me up around 6:15 woke me up an hour earlier this morning. That combined with getting up later because of the holidays meant I was awake nearly 2 hours earlier than I needed to be – how nice to turn over and go back to sleep!

Yesterday I was reminded that my Flickr account is about to expire and as I know I can’t afford to renew it I decided to try and do what I’d meant to do last year and download every photo from my site before the “last 200” restriction of the free account kicked in. There must be a way of doing it surely – they were my pictures after all. So I looked into it and found a site which would allow me to do it as long as my photos were all in one set. So I created a set called All Pictures and set about downloading it. My first attempt yesterday ended when it stopped due to the c drive running out of space even though I was saving them onto an external drive. So I did a disc clean up and rebooted and found it had gone from 125mb to 1.2 Gb so I started again. It got a bit further but stopped again as the hard drive ran out of space – where was it all going?

So I decided to reboot and this time the space didn’t come back. I tried doing disc clean up but that only freed up another 100mB – where had the 1.2 Gb gone and anyway why was the drive so full – we always save our files onto an ext hdd so the C drive should be full. I decided to see if there was anything else to do. I downloaded a couple of open source programs which freed up a bit more and I was almost back to 1.2Gb by un-installing a program I didn’t use when I suddenly had a thought!!!

The downloader was a java applet – was there such a thing as temporary java files? So I google’d it and sure enough there are! I followed the instructions given to clear them and would you believe it over 3 Gb of HDD space re-appeared! So today I decided to try the download again and this time I’d monitor the space eaten up by the java applet. I was shocked to find that to download the 5.5Gb of photos onto my ext hdd it also added over 4Gb of temporary java files onto my system drive that closing the browser and rebooting didn’t shift, I had to manually delete them again.

28th October

Woke up from a dream at 2 am that involved skydiving on acid with live ammunition into Wembley Stadium whereupon we had to move all the trucks from the pitch and rearrange them on the street outside – what goes on in my head?

The Guinea Pigs from Sarah’s school have come to stay for the school holidays!


Dark by 5:30 – I can almost feel the S.A.D. kicking in already!!!!

27th October

Wrenched from sleep at 6:20 by an ear piercing sound that penetrated the dark and cold of the room. My sleep fogged brain was sure I’d checked the alarm last night so why was it going off, it was Saturday? My arm instinctively shot out from under the duvet to stop the incessant noise but stopped dead halfway to it’s target. Wait a moment, my alarm doesn’t sound like…..

Da da da-da da-da da da dah-dah afro circus, afro circus!

It was Sarah’s phone ringing. Lissi had managed to get up, dressed and leave for work without us hearing her but now she has shaken us awake calling to say she’d got there safely!


Classy Christmas prezzie!


Very cold today – ended up wearing jacket and scarf, most unlike me! Also after last night we decided to put the winter quilt on the bed!!

26th October

Today is the 300th day of the year and I’ve blogged on every one of them!

Another really good nights sleep last night second one in a row despite spending most of the evening asleep on the sofa too! It’s been a really busy week at work and I’ve been concentrating really hard on making a video and it’s really tired me out! At least it’s moving in the right direction and the client is happy with it so I’m not stressed like a I was last week.

Also my weight loss is back on track – after two week where it stagnated and even went back up slightly it’s heading downwards again. The problem has been stress – I tend to eat when I’m stressed and chocolate is my top stress food! There was the video mentioned above plus Sarah’s sister’s visit and then the car so my stress levels went up and although I was still doing my two day fast/calorie restriction each week I was tending to comfort eat on the other days. When I first started I not only did the two fast days but I also cut back on what I ate on the other 5 days. I’ve got back to that place this week and as such much weight has gone down again. Will power – that’s what I need!


Left work in daylight for the last time until Spring :o(

Cat Damage!


Watched a program about the sounds and music of London on BBC4. It was interesting but I think if it had been longer and presented by someone other than Jools Holland! Well perhaps that’s unfair he did a good job but he always has to attempt to be funny and frankly he’s not! It featured everything from church bells to punk. One of the themes that could have been investigated further was the changing soundscapes of London streets across the ages. Among the musical types it covered were Street Ballards, Music Hall Calypso, Swing, Jazz and Blues.

There were interviews with Eliza Carthy, Jon Boden, Suggs and that man again Ray Davies. I’m starting to feel like I need to investigate his music further as I enjoy listening to him talk a lot – he has such interesting ideas and views, quite eccentric but along the same lines as my own!

So how can you tell me you’re lonely
And say for you that the sun don’t shine?
Let me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of london
I’ll show you something to make you change your mind

25th October

I think I have to confess that I have an undeclared love for the music of Yes.

It’s pompous – yes!

It’s overblown – yes!

But I’ve always loved it!

This morning I had a look at the piece of paper I was given when I took my phone in for repair and found you could track the repair online so I logged in. It said that the phone had been repaired and dispatched back to the shop. So just in case I put the bag with the loan phone into the car. They rang me about 12 to say it was back and I could collect it. Luckily I’d taken it to Hempstead Valley which means they’re open till 8pm tonight!

The last few days have really shown me how much a phone has changed in the past few years and how much I use it. The “old” smart phone I’ve been using is so much more clunky and slow. It has to make a connection everytime I use the internet instead of being always on like my current phone. I have to connect it to the wifi signal if I want to use it rather then it connecting automatically when you come into range.

Although it has e-mail and internet you have to login and download e-mails instead of having them pushed to you. Admittedly you can set a time interval to do this but it still has to go through the login/download/disconnect cycle. The web browser is quite basic but at least it allowed me to log in and check my calendar. The screen is touchscreen but after using the Android screen it seems quite tricky and I’d forgotten about the screen alignment program. I missed the apps particularly things like Facebook, WordPress and Twitter and although it’s got a camera it seemed quite prehistoric without the means to manipulate and share the images.

And this was a state of the art phone only 7 years ago!

Phone was replaced in the end as it was deemed that mine couldn’t be repaired in a reasonable timescale. I could tell as soon as she got it out of the box that it wasn’t mine! The “new” one is nice a shiny without any scratches – apart from on the battery cover and sim card cover which for some bizarre reason I had to hang onto from my old phone. The old bits are a slightly different colour too which give the back of the phone a patchwork quilt type of look! Obviously I had to reload everything and set it all back up again which was annoying as I’d only done a factory reset a few weeks back – glad I discovered that it’s easier to push the apps from the play website than to download them via the phone!