1st October

Just after midnight I looked at my phone and saw that it was the 1st. I thought about the times when every first day of the month my eldest daughter and I would race to see which of us could be the first to send the other a text saying pinch, punch! This hasn’t happened for a while as I haven’t really heard much from my two eldest daughters for what reason I don’t know. Anyway a short time later my phone beeped and it was a pinch, punch text from her – you could have knocked me down with a feather!!

Two weird work things today – firstly attached to the back of my payslip was a A3 sized piece of paper which I’m guessing is a half arsed attempt at communicating with staff. It had useful info like an advert for a company event which was actually leaving drinks for a member of staff and had happened before the payslips came round! There was a list of birthdays this month, a joke, a couple of small ads and a profile of a member of the “team”. The latter informs us is that the person in question is a published writer and gives us a web link – turns out she blogs about TV which frankly doesn’t surprise me!!

The other thing is that all of the light tubes are being replaced. The stupid thing is that all of the bulbs that have been perceived as “not working” were in fact turned off. The reason they were turned off is that when all of the fittings were on it was too bright so a number were disconnected. They’ve now bee reconnected and I’m sitting in an overlit migraine inducing environment once again. The weird thing is that now we’re effectively doubling our electric bill on the instruction of someone who until not so long ago used to send out e-mails reminding us to switch things off to reduce our carbon footprint! The only outcome I can see is increased costs and reduced productivity.

Sometimes you really have to wonder!


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