2nd October


Forgot to take my lunchbox home last night so I’ve had to borrow Ben’s old one to bring my lunch in today. Actually I had a choice between Ben’s and Becky’s old one which on the face of it would be less embarrassing as it had Meerkats on the outside but when I saw the state of the inside I decided to go with the Cars 2 one after all.

Today is fast day 15 and as we haven’t had our delivery from Tesco yet there was no salad for lunch so I went back to the cous cous salad that I’d had a few weeks back. The only thing was I forgot to make up the cous cous last night so I had to do it this morning instead. I also decided to spice it up a bit by throwing in the chilli I had picked from the garden on Saturday.

I’d bought a couple of books off Amazon (one was 1p, the other £1.44 both plus P&P) and Sarah rang me to tell me one had arrived. When I got home I got as far as tearing the strip to open the package when Ben bowled over to me and told me he had a Playstation 1 – a fact I already knew as I’d gone to pick it up from the man who was selling it and a load of games for a tenner! He then added that it didn’t work which alarmed me, this was however qualified by Lissi to the fact that they couldn’t get it to work! The upshot was that the connector that went between the TV and the Playstation was an RF one rather that the scart cables they were used to.

I asked them if the had tuned the TV in and was met with the response “What does that mean” which goes to show that RF is already a fading memory to kids more used to digital TV! I then reached around the back of the TV and pulled out the RF cable that runs from the VHS player (yes we still have one) as all of the scart sockets are already full with digital TV, DVD and Wii inputs! I pluged the VHS cable into the Playstation socket and then replugged it into the TV. I checked all of the channels but there wasn’t one already tuned to channel 36. So I looked for the remote……..

…..and looked…….

…..and looked…….

…..and looked…….

…..and looked – why is it always the remote that you want that goes missing? We could find the DVD one, an old TV one (with Becky’s old TV written on the back), everyone except the one we wanted. Eventually I found it hidden under about 12 empty crisp packets behind the TV – why do children think the rubbish bin is behind there? I then tuned the TV so that the Playstation would work on Channel 8 and left them to it and went to find out which book had arrived!

I still don’t know why we need another games console as all they ever seem to do is cause arguments about who’s winning or who is doing it right/wrong, the music is horrible and they always feel the need to have it full volume and shout over the top of it. But most of all I hate the way if you walk in front of them while they’re playing all their heads tilt simultaneously to one side!


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