3rd October

I was making lunches this morning and as we had our Tesco delivery last night and it included 2 bags of salad (a good deal apparently) i thought I’d better use some of it for my lunch. So I made myself a nice tuna salad with red peppers, red onion, carrot and a dollop of tuna/mayo/onion to go with it. Unfortunately I’d made it look so nice that Sarah took a look at it and said “I wouldn’t mind one of them” so I ended up making a cheese salad for her!

There seems to be a mixed reaction regarding Ed Milliband’s speech at the Labour Party conference yesterday. The politico’s and journalists have made very positive comments about it but the reaction amongst the general populous seems to have been less positive. The main objection seems to be his voice which frankly is ridiculous! I’ve spent weeks moaning to my American friends that voting for Romney because they don’t like Obama is stupid, why elect someone whose policies will fuck up your country simply because he is an alternative to someone you don’t think has delivered everything he promised. There would also seem to be huge numbers who won’t vote for Obama simply because he is black. Now however we seem to be faced with the possibility in this country of having to have another 5 years of the coalition, or worse still a majority Conservative  government simply because of the way the leader of the Labour Party speaks – what is this world coming to?

It was quite sad today to watch the funeral of one of the Policemen who were shot and killed in Manchester a couple of weeks ago. Last year was a bad year for funerals for me and it might have been that or just simply the sadness of this particular situation but I had to fight back the tears at the sight of the coffin coming out of the back of the hearse draped in the Police flag and with her Police hat sitting on top. The funeral was well attended by Police not only from GMP but from other forces as well. One tweet I read said that the Chief Constable of one force was there standing with the Police and public outside showing his respect in a low key way. Her sargeant gave a moving speech which was full of humourous stories of her time in the force and fair play to him for being able to give the eulogy without burst into tears – I know I would have done. The Chief Constable too gave a wonderful address in which he reminded people that she joined up to serve and as such she understood that meant that she went into tricky situations un-armed. He reminded us that the Police should be seen as servants of the state not as it’s armed enforcers.

On a lighter note I was driving home tonight and was thinking about what was for dinner. I came to the conclusion that the most likely thing was going to be Spag Bob which I decided I didn’t fancy. I wondered how far into making it they would be and if I could divert it into Lasagne instead. In the end they hadn’t start and they asked me what I fancied for dinner. When I said Lasgane they said “only if you cook it” which I did. My other Amazon purchase arrived today so now I have the quandary about which one to read first. I think I may go for the Coupland because I think he is probably my favourite author and having read the first page of both book this is the one that I felt sucked into!

Also I have committed myself to two things – Firstly I plucked up enough courage to e-mail the organisers of an exhibition called Letter Home and offer to read my piece at the opening in November. Like everything I write it feels quite personal and I wasn’t sure I could read it outright without blubbing! That’s probably why I have um’d and ah’d until after the deadline they gave for letting them know. Then today I suddenly sent an e-mail to her saying if it was still ok and they wanted me to I’d do it! Not sure if that’s a good thing or not!


The other thing was that I responded to a request for photographers to submit work to a new magazine called Big Eyes and the editor contacted me. So I need to sort out some images I feel happy with the send in – the brief is quite loose – creativity/curiosity so some of my more random images would probably be good – Problem is as soon as I start looking through them I start to feel inadequate and worry that other people won’t like them. This could take some time! I had a look at her profile on Pinterest and can see what sort of things she might like – I also decided that Pinterest is something I should try and use more often.


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