4th October

Beautiful morning this morning – clear blue sky with the waning moon still riding hide. The leaves are slowly starting to look autumnal and on the way to work a fox darted out in front of my car, he looked at me startled before dashing into the undergrowth and safety on the opposite side of the road.

I started reading the Coupland book this morning and had only read a couple of pages when I realised that I didn’t have a bookmark. I looked around the office but couldn’t see anything suitable and didn’t want to use just a scrappy piece of paper so I decided to make one. I decided on size and created a template in photoshop before importing one of my pictures into it. Once I was happy I printed it and cut it out before fixing it to a piece of card. When I got home I used some of that sticky clear plastic stuff to cover it so it didn’t get ripped!

Today was National Poetry day and as they did last year a local writers group decided to run a thing they call Poetrymon whereby they go around the towns hiding cards with pictures on one side and poems on the other. They then post clues on their website (and Facebook and Twitter) so that people can workout where they are. Last year I was working up in London on the day and by the time I got back at 1:30am I went to the place closest to where I live and all of the cards had gone. I was disappointed but that was short-lived as I found a £20 note on the way back to my house.

So this year I was at the office and was following the clues as they were posted. I worked out where the four nearest places were and decided to stop off at the on my way home. I didn’t find anything at the first stop but at the second place I found one card lying on the ground. i walked round to the third spot and drove to the fourth spot but drew blanks both times. Oh well at least I managed to find one!

The theme of NPD was stars hence the little stick on stars on the Poetrymon cards. I did try and write a poem about the stars I saw in the middle of the night when we were camping at Nethergong a couple of weeks ago which, as you may recall (or not if you haven’t been reading my blog), I said took my breath


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