5th October

I get a weekly e-mail from BBC Radio 4 and in the one today it mentioned a kids TV program from the 70’s called Children of the Stones which it said was the scariest kids TV program ever. It was set at Avebury and was about an astrophysicist and his son who arrive in the village to study ancient stones. I thought at first it was a program I remembered from my youth. The program I remembered was set in a house surrounded by standing stones which could talk and had eyes and the people in the house were trapped. I saw the date on the BBC website which was 1977 so realised that it wasn’t the one I was thinking of as it would have been earlier.

The thing I remember about the program with the talking stones was that although it didn’t affect me at the time I did start having recurring nightmares with the same plot years later – funny how the mind stores things away and then drags them back out of hiding later! So I set off to find my program and had soon tracked it down. It was made by Anglia TV in 1972 and was called Escape into Night. Apparently it was based on a book called Marianne dreams by Catherine Ston. Apparently it was originally made in colour (not that we had a colour TV in 1972) but the masters had disappeared leaving only a black & white copy. I think it was out on DVD but the whole 6 episodes are on youtube.

Basically the plot is that a girl falls off her horse and is confined to bed for 6 weeks.While she is resting she finds a pencil and everything she draws appears in her dreams. She meets a boy in the house she draws who is unable to walk and when she gets annoyed with him she draws the stones to keep him inside. It all seems very twee now with the plummy accents and governess and that quaint old custom of a Doctor doing a home visit!

I found out today that the original scroll that Jack Kerouac wrote his masterpiece On the Road on in a manic 3 weeks is now on display at the British Library. It’s only the third time the scroll has been shown in it’s entirety and is housed in a special case. I must get along to see it although I don’t fancy my chances of being able to find my favourite bit!!


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