6th October

Last few grapes from the garden and a chilli (jalapeno)

We went to Chatham to do some shopping and I popped into a few mobile phone stores. I can’t make my mind up if I should go for the Galaxy Note II or the Galaxy SIII as my next phone – is the Note too big? Will I use the little stick? etc Then in Carphone warehouse I noticed that they were doing a deal whereby you buy a Galaxy Y and get a free tablet (Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 or Note10.1) – the Y is a rubbish phone but could I use a rubbish phone if I also had a tablet? Anyway all these questions are irrelevant as I can’t upgrade till January 9th!

I took a netbook I’d fixed for one of Sarah’s friends back to her this afternoon (cue feelings of guilt for accepting money again!) While we were there I powered it up and was going to let Ben go on the internet to keep him quiet but it wasn’t connected. While he was playing about with it he somehow managed to open an application and play a porn movie -oops! Well I didn’t put it on there so it must have been Sarah’s friends son -oops again!

David Cameron joined twitter today and his @ feed has been going mad all evening with people insulting him – well what did he expect? My personal favourite was spurred on by writers Irvine Welsh and Caitlin Moran which was to tag messages to @David_Cameron with the hashtag #pisswizard! Curiously my tweet turned up in the top tweets section if you searched under #pisswizard! At one point @David_Cameron tweets were coming in at a rate of 30-40 a minute faster than you could read them!!!!


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