7th October

Today we had to do some tidying in the house ready for Sarah’s sister coming to stay. I got the job of doing behind the tv and computer desk. It was awful, Ben seems to treat these areas as rubbish bins/toy storage areas. You never know what you’re going to find behind there. We also pulled the big sofa out and there was so much crap behind there that Sarah made Ben pick it all up!

Lissi and I also spent an hour or so matching up DVDs and cases. There were DVD’s with no cases everywhere. We ended up with a pile of DVD’s still without cases and cases without DVD’s. We then tracked some down in his bedroom, Lissi’s bedroom and our bedroom! I think we’ve got most of them now but suspect there may still be a few outstanding!!

So after having a shower to remove the dust and dirt from everywhere but up my nose I set about cooking dinner. It had been decreed that we would have shepherds pie and I enjoyed cooking it although I felt guilty for the second time that day cooking dead stuff in front of our veggie lodger! It was bad enough that she was ironing my shirts (agreed to do some domestic stuff in return for reduced rent which we don’t mind!) while I was cooking.

I fancied a glass of wine and although there were a couple of bottles on the kitchen worktop I decided to look in the cupboard under the stairs where the winerack is – especially as we can now access it after the gas debacle of a few weeks back! I put a couple of bottles into the winerack and found a bottle of unknown origin which I decided to open. I had no idea where it had come from or indeed how long it had been in there. the label suggested it had come from France so I assumed that it was a present from some of the students that have stayed with us. I opened it and poured myself a glass – it was beautiful! It was the sort of bottle of wine you might have kept for a special occasion if you’d known how good it was but you didn’t know that until you’d opened it!!



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