8th October


interesting article in the Guardian this morning concerning discoveries near the Ring of Brogdar on Orkney. It seems that hidden below what was thought to be a hill between the ring and the stones at Stenness is a neolithic temple of such size and sophistication as to suggest that this was The major centre in neolithic times and that places like Stonehenge were just afterthoughts! The temple complex covers about 6 acres and although it has been long known that was a sophisticated neolithic village at Scara Brae this will apparently make it look tiny by comparison.

The thing that worries me about this discovery is that it will change the atmosphere at what I have long considered to be my favourite stone circle. It was the wild remoteness of Brogdar that, to me, set it above the more visited circles of Stonehenge or Avebury. It’s over 22 years since I last had a chance to visit the circle but it still sticks in my mind. We went 3 times during our time on Orkney and each time we experienced a different circle. The most striking memory was when we went during the night and wandered round the circle with only the light of the moon and stars to illuminate our visit. The dark hills surrounding and water surrounding the stone gave the whole scene an eerie feeling. I will never forget that as we drove back to the campsite I felt that something was following us along the road. It took me years to shake of the feeling that we had disturbed something that night, something that followed us home. I worry with a huge new excavation nearby that it will be turned into a huge enterprise like that at Stonehenge and the Ring of Brogdar’s wild remoteness will be lost forever – maybe some things are best left undisturbed!

Next time I’m feeling that way I usually do when I’m about to hand over some of my creative work to someone I would do well to remember the following quote that I was sent a few years ago:

You write well and have interesting taste – Cory Doctorow

I finally managed to get some images together to send to the lady who is trying to start a magazine called Big Eyes. I get so downhearted when I do this with negative thoughts ” are they good enough” etc. It’s like that line on Back to the Future where Marty’s Dad says I don’t show them to anyone, I’m not sure I could handle that sort of rejection! Anyway i did eventually press the send button so I’ll just have to wait and see now!

I was just about to pack up to go home tonight when the door to the edit suite opened and someone came in to tell me the fire alarm was going off. A bit of a worry as no one upstairs had seemed to register that the vague noise in the background was actually the thing that could save our lives. So we all had to troop out to the carpark where the person who was in charge was telling us that 15 minutes to clear the building was not an adequate response time as as he did someone else came downstairs! Luckily it wasn’t raining or a real fire but seemed to have been caused by a fault so we were soon allowed to go back inside and collect our things!


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