10th October


Great journey to work this morning! This always seems to happen when I need to be at the office at a certain time. I had a conference call booked for 10 o’clock and as soon as I joined the A2 I realised I probably wasn’t going to make it. After I sat in the traffic for over 40 minutes and had travelled just over a mile I figured that even if the traffic started moving I still wouldn’t get to the office on time. So I had to phone them and let them know. Almost instantly the traffic started to move and as I got to the front of the queue there was what looked like a minor bump between two cars – I was expecting overturned lorries and dead bodies all over the road given how slowly we’d been crawling forward! I finally got to work at about 10:15.

Stupidly busy day, gone from mind numbingly suicidally dull to really busy overnight. As I was trying to get away at the end of the day I was finishing off a DVD for the Institute of Physics and everytime I typed the word Institute it didn’t look as though I’d spelled it properly. It reminded me of when I was at University and the Physics Society t-shirt. Someone designed a t-shirt with a mushroom cloud and the words “you get a better bang with a physicist” which was quite funny or at least it would have been if they hadn’t got the t-shirts printed with the slogan “you get a better bang with a physisist” instead! Oh well scientist were never known for their spelling!!


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