12th October

Some days I’m convinced that the people I work with have secretly been replaced with compliant drones à la Stepford wives drained of personality and eager to please the boss!

Sadly the woman in the downstairs office isn’t one of them! We’d ran out of teabags in the kitchen upstairs so I asked the person who normally keeps them for some more. She said she’d given to the woman downstairs to look after. So I went and asked her for some and before I knew what was happening she was ripping my head off accusing me of being sexist because I thought she’d have teabags! The whole episode brought both offices to a standstill! She is well known for having a temper but this was ridiculous!

Sarah’s sister came to stay with us tonight and the house is full of small Aussies!! Bex is back from uni too! Chaos is everywhere!


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