17th October

Well now we’re respected in society
We don’t worry about the things that we used to be
We play for bankers and Amex toffs
Unless you’ve got a grand you can f*ck right off
We’re so respectable

Needless to say I won’t be at the O2 for the Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary tour. I saw them once 30 years ago on their 20th anniversary tour and lets face it – what the fuck have they done since then? At the time I thought they were past it so another 30 years down the line I can’t see them being any better and certainly not worth shelling out £400 for a ticket!

It’s really starting to depress me the number of groups and singers from my youth who think that their fans are just a bottomless pit on money to be tapped into everytime they want to bolster their pension fund. The cost of going to gigs by these people has got to the point where only the rich can afford to go. I will console myself with the fact that I saw many of them in their heyday and the fact that there’s a pub round the corner who have gigs by some fantastic artists for nothing. I’d rather sit in their and watch a talented local band with a pint in my hand than go off to a aircraft hanger and watch some old blokes that I’ve had to take out a mortgage to see. if Jefferson Starship can play in Chatham tomorrow for £16 for a front row ticket why should the Rolling Stones be able to charge £1000 to get down the front! It’s all bollocks!

I know it’s only rock ‘n’ roll


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