24th October

Ian Dury’s daughter was on Radio 4 this morning talking about the book of her father’s lyrics she is publishing. They read out an section of one of his songs that brought tears to my eyes.

Thank you, mum
Your rascal son
Has seen the error of his ways
I stole your purse and smashed the crocks
You done my trousers washed my socks
Dragged me screaming to the doc’s
Drink your medicine, chicken pox
Put your toys back in their box
Didn’t mean it
Thank you, mum

Well that was a bit weird!

Our lodger asked Sarah for a chat tonight and announced that she was planning to move out in a couple of weeks. We were ok with it and Sarah and the lodger had a nice chat which culminated in Sarah saying that she should come back and see us at Christmas. A little while later Sarah reminded her that her rent was due tomorrow and all hell let loose! She said that she wasn’t going to pay any more rent so Sarah told her if that was the case she had to move out tomorrow.

There then followed an hour or so of crashing and banging during which time it was obvious she was packing. Then at about 11 o’clock we heard her open the front door and before we knew where we were this man had just walked in without a word. We were upset by this and asked him to leave and even had to threaten to phone the Police before he did. The lodger then walked out taking everything with her. Sarah told her what hse was doing wasn’t right or fair as she should have given us a months notice. Her final parting shot was “I’m a Doctor” as if that gave her the right to do what ever she wanted.

Sarah is very upset because she had given this lodger a reduced rent on the understanding that she did some ironing and other jobs around the house. The reality was that she did very little and when she did do stuff it ended up having to be done again. When she ironed she did it badly and didn’t hang it up as requested. When she emptied the bin invariably it ended with the binbag being ripped and as for the dishwasher!!! You would think that someone who was training to be a doctor would be able to see how a dishwasher is stacked and replicate it – but no! The plates and cups looked as if they’d been thrown in, the plates were always acing the wrong way and the cutlery basket in the wrong place. We’d always have to restack what she’d done but she’d never notice when she unstacked it the next day. Ben could have done better!

Sarah is doubly upset because she trusted her and did take a deposit off her! She is also of the opinion that she didn’t have the money for the rent probably because she needed it for a deposit on the student flat she said she was moving into and thought she would be able to stay rent free till the day she moved out. If the no money thing is correct then it’s probably best she went now before it got really nasty! Anyone want to rent a room?


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