25th October

I think I have to confess that I have an undeclared love for the music of Yes.

It’s pompous – yes!

It’s overblown – yes!

But I’ve always loved it!

This morning I had a look at the piece of paper I was given when I took my phone in for repair and found you could track the repair online so I logged in. It said that the phone had been repaired and dispatched back to the shop. So just in case I put the bag with the loan phone into the car. They rang me about 12 to say it was back and I could collect it. Luckily I’d taken it to Hempstead Valley which means they’re open till 8pm tonight!

The last few days have really shown me how much a phone has changed in the past few years and how much I use it. The “old” smart phone I’ve been using is so much more clunky and slow. It has to make a connection everytime I use the internet instead of being always on like my current phone. I have to connect it to the wifi signal if I want to use it rather then it connecting automatically when you come into range.

Although it has e-mail and internet you have to login and download e-mails instead of having them pushed to you. Admittedly you can set a time interval to do this but it still has to go through the login/download/disconnect cycle. The web browser is quite basic but at least it allowed me to log in and check my calendar. The screen is touchscreen but after using the Android screen it seems quite tricky and I’d forgotten about the screen alignment program. I missed the apps particularly things like Facebook, WordPress and Twitter and although it’s got a camera it seemed quite prehistoric without the means to manipulate and share the images.

And this was a state of the art phone only 7 years ago!

Phone was replaced in the end as it was deemed that mine couldn’t be repaired in a reasonable timescale. I could tell as soon as she got it out of the box that it wasn’t mine! The “new” one is nice a shiny without any scratches – apart from on the battery cover and sim card cover which for some bizarre reason I had to hang onto from my old phone. The old bits are a slightly different colour too which give the back of the phone a patchwork quilt type of look! Obviously I had to reload everything and set it all back up again which was annoying as I’d only done a factory reset a few weeks back – glad I discovered that it’s easier to push the apps from the play website than to download them via the phone!


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