27th October

Wrenched from sleep at 6:20 by an ear piercing sound that penetrated the dark and cold of the room. My sleep fogged brain was sure I’d checked the alarm last night so why was it going off, it was Saturday? My arm instinctively shot out from under the duvet to stop the incessant noise but stopped dead halfway to it’s target. Wait a moment, my alarm doesn’t sound like…..

Da da da-da da-da da da dah-dah afro circus, afro circus!

It was Sarah’s phone ringing. Lissi had managed to get up, dressed and leave for work without us hearing her but now she has shaken us awake calling to say she’d got there safely!


Classy Christmas prezzie!


Very cold today – ended up wearing jacket and scarf, most unlike me! Also after last night we decided to put the winter quilt on the bed!!


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