29th October

Since British Summer time ended yesterday and we altered all of the clocks in the house there is one problem! The clock in the kitchen has been 10 minutes fast for so long we can’t remember it being right. When the clocks went back I set it to the correct time and now we have to remember that we have got that “extra 10 minutes”!

Not that it matters that much at the moment as it’s half term and I’m the only one going to work! Having said that my body clock which normally wakes me up around 6:15 woke me up an hour earlier this morning. That combined with getting up later because of the holidays meant I was awake nearly 2 hours earlier than I needed to be – how nice to turn over and go back to sleep!

Yesterday I was reminded that my Flickr account is about to expire and as I know I can’t afford to renew it I decided to try and do what I’d meant to do last year and download every photo from my site before the “last 200” restriction of the free account kicked in. There must be a way of doing it surely – they were my pictures after all. So I looked into it and found a site which would allow me to do it as long as my photos were all in one set. So I created a set called All Pictures and set about downloading it. My first attempt yesterday ended when it stopped due to the c drive running out of space even though I was saving them onto an external drive. So I did a disc clean up and rebooted and found it had gone from 125mb to 1.2 Gb so I started again. It got a bit further but stopped again as the hard drive ran out of space – where was it all going?

So I decided to reboot and this time the space didn’t come back. I tried doing disc clean up but that only freed up another 100mB – where had the 1.2 Gb gone and anyway why was the drive so full – we always save our files onto an ext hdd so the C drive should be full. I decided to see if there was anything else to do. I downloaded a couple of open source programs which freed up a bit more and I was almost back to 1.2Gb by un-installing a program I didn’t use when I suddenly had a thought!!!

The downloader was a java applet – was there such a thing as temporary java files? So I google’d it and sure enough there are! I followed the instructions given to clear them and would you believe it over 3 Gb of HDD space re-appeared! So today I decided to try the download again and this time I’d monitor the space eaten up by the java applet. I was shocked to find that to download the 5.5Gb of photos onto my ext hdd it also added over 4Gb of temporary java files onto my system drive that closing the browser and rebooting didn’t shift, I had to manually delete them again.


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