30th October

Bloody great isn’t it. E-on always moan because I don’t give them meter readings fast enough when they ask for them. This has been, in the past, due to the amount of stuff in the cupboard under the stairs. However that was greatly reduced when we had the gas leak a while back and they changed our meter even though it wasn’t that at fault. We cleared a load of stuff out and took it to the garage.

Yesterday they e-mailed asking for readings and because of the changed meter I wanted to make sure they got them. I was worried because the guy who took the meter out was a bit vague and as you may recall the meter was stolen from outside the house. I was expecting this to cause an issue with the reading when I submitted it. So this morning I climbed into the cupboard and read the meter. I did try taking a photograph but it didn’t come out too well so I had to crouch down to see the dial. Once I had them I entered them in on the website.

I was right there was an issue – not with the gas as expected but with the electric. It asked me to check the reading so I did and the figure I inserted was correct. It still didn’t believe me! Typical isn’t it they moan when you don’t give them a reading and when you do give them one they don’t believe you!!


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