31st October


Went to pick up a prescription this morning that I ordered using the surgeries new online system. When I got there it wasn’t there. Apparently the idiot doctor I saw last time had put in my notes that I’d been given a prescription for them last Monday. I told them that their records were wrong and they told me to pop back later. I pointed out that it would be the next day and I’d just have to do without my tablets in the meantime but it fell on deaf ears. Good job they aren’t critical type tablets.

I didn’t even bother asking why they hadn’t contacted me to clarify the situation because I knew what the answer would be! They have a habit of hiding their shortcomings and competencies behind the cloak of patient confidentiality.

Went out to feed the cats tonight as Lissi is away (and camping out tonight!!!) – had to step over the dead mouse that had been left proudly by one of the felines just outside the back door and then before I could put the food into the bowls I had to remove the myriad of slugs that were sliming all over the place. I got rid of them by holding the bowl over the wall and banging it till they all fall off – one of these days I’ll do that and someone will be walking down the alley! I decided the dead mouse could stay there till morning!


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