30th November

I wrote a new blog post today and when I tried to view it on my phone it wouldn’t load. After trying a few things I realised that my ip address had changed – I’ve no idea when that happened so the sites could have been down for days (or weeks – you can never remember when the last time you visited them was!!).

Anyway I updated the DNS and they still didn’t appear so I checked everything and then realised I’d input the wrong IP address as I’d mistaken a 9 for a 4 (handwriting problem!). So I did it again and this time it worked. It’s odd how I do all 3 domains at the same time and 2 update really quickly and 1 always takes much longer. Also DNS servers update at different speeds and the 2 I use (Virgin and Vodafone) are incredibly slow compared with other one like the one the proxy site I use to check the sites are working.

On the subject of handwriting – last night I tried the handwriting input using the stylus on a Samsung Galaxy Note II and to my surprise it was able to decipher my scrawl without any problems!! Still can’t decide if it’s too big yet!!



ETA: I think I found out why the discrepancy mentioned above – one of the domains had different name servers to the other two!


28th November

The client I’m currently making a video for is taking a very Orwellian approach to it! The video is a review of the last ten years but she appears to want to remove all reference to anyone no longer with the company! She also wants lots of shots of the new boss even though he has only been there for a year and there’s only a small clip of him from last year.

It’s when she sends me pictures in the morning to add in and then sends me a message in the afternoon to take them back out again! Still the show is tomorrow night so at least my pain will end soon!

Had to have a little chat with E-on this evening as they wanted to increase our monthly payments by a massive 35% despite us being £300 in credit. Even by their own figures this would have left us £800 in credit by this time next year!! Apparently they wanted to put up our payment because we would use more power in the winter and said that when it was reviewed again in April it would probably go down again – I don’t think they’ve quite got the hang of this paying monthly to even out payments across the year idea yet!!

After dining at the Dorchester last night which proably cost the client around £90 this evenings dinner was stir fry which probably cost us in the region of £1.80 per head!!

27th November

The whole universe was crazy and cock-eyed and extremely strange.


Wild eyed hipster sitting cross legged pounding the keys of beat up old Hermes, fuelled by coffee and cigarettes and an endless roll of paper in a non stop word orgy spinning tales of a road that stretched into infinity filled with boundless adventure. Tales of Sal Paradise, Dean Moriarty, Neal Cassady and Allen Ginsberg, of Mexican boys and brown skinned girls, of drinking, marijuana,  poetry, jazz, Cadillacs and dark empty nights driving cross America.


Popped into the British Library to see the original scroll that Jack Kerouac wrote On the Road on in three manic weeks back in April 1951. It’s 120′ of tracing paper taped together so that he didn’t have to interrupt his creative flow by stopping to change sheets of paper inhis type writer. It is, apparently, only the second time the scroll has been on display in it’s entirety since it was re-discovered. I’d been wanting to go and see it since I heard about the exhibition so this morning I took the opportunity of a late start up in London to make a detour and a pilgrimage!


It would be easy to say that On the Road changed my life but I don’t think it did, I read it in the late 70’s and it was probably one of a number of books I read at that time that shaped the way I looked at life. I would, however, say it is one of my favourite books and seeing the manuscript is probably akin to seeing the actual tablets that Moses brought down from the mountain with the ten commandments chiselled into them.


The actual exhibition was a bit uninspiring especially as you had to pass a zip up access tower on the way in. There were some pictures and information on the walls as a display case with a first edition and contemporary books but other than that it was just a very long case containing the scroll. (I have to confess that I was a tad disappointed to see the end still on the roll, so much for the whole thing being on display!)


I tried to read the scroll but it was really difficult, firstly because of the angle you had to get yourself into to read it and then because of the reflection of the over head lights. In addition to this the text is quite small and as it was typed without line spacing or paragraph breaks it’s so easy to get to the end of the line and then either end up going back a line or forward a line and loosing the thread. When you did get a good momentum going it gave you the feel of how it must have been come out of his head in that stream of conciousness way, you could help but read it fast!!!

I tried hard to find my favourite bit which is the wild evening in the whorehouse but I didn’t see it (don’t even know if it was in the first draft) but I did find a few passages I recognised! I’m absolutely sure I will have to buy the original scroll version when I have a bit of spare cash and read the book the way he originally wrote it. I’m glad I went as I don’t suppose I’ll see it again or indeed anything quite like it unless those tablets turn up!


Whither goest thou, America, in thy shiny car in the night?

26th November

An old friend from school days got in touch today – actually he had sent me a friend request on Facebook a week or so ago but as the name he was using didn’t make any sense, nor did I recognise the contacts I sent a “Who are you” message! I did have a sneaking suspicion from the musical likes who it was and sure enough I was right. He is someone I went to school with and who I’ve name checked a couple of time as being an influence on the sort of music I listened to back then and to this day!

He suggested that we get together with another old school friend and go out some time. I always find that a bit scary – after all it has been almost 35 years! Still who knows what might happen next year – we shall see!

25th November

I woke this morning and as I lay in bed listening to the sound of the wind battering the bedroom windows I thought I could hear music. Not the duffy duffy, windows down, sunglasses on sort of music but a more subliminal music. Music that exists on the threshold of hearing just hovering above the bottom end of the audible range. The sort of music produced by æolian harps, the music of nature itself. I lay straining to hear the sounds produced by the wind and it huffed and puffed it’s way past the house. It’s not the sort of sound you could record but oh if you could! I fell back to sleep and when I woke again it was gone, or at least I could no longer hear it. I tried but before my hearing could pick it up it was distracted by people walking past or cars driving down the street. Maybe it’s always there and we just don’t hear it except in exceptional circumstances!

24th November

When winter’s shadowy fingers
First pursue you down the street
And your boots no longer lie
About the cold around your feet
Do you spare a thought for summer whose passage is complete?
Whose memories lie in ruins
And whose ruins lie in heat?
When winter…
Comes howling in

After the crazy manic week I’ve had today was an oasis of clam, albeit a cold, wet and windy oasis! Which is why apart from a couple of trips to drop off and pick up Lissi most of it was spent in doors keeping warm and sorting out the mp3 files on my HDD (removing duplicates, moving flac and wav files onto the other drive etc.

I did have a minor triumph though and that was to remove the partition between the C and D drives on one of the PCs and to extend the C drive from 29 to 39 gig thus giving it 10Gb more free space so hopefully it won’t keep clogging up.