5th November


Open your eyes and look within
Are you satisfied (with the life you’re living)?
We know where we’re going,
We know where we’re from.
We’re leaving Babylon,
We’re going to our Father land

So filling up with petrol at Tesco this evening I use the pay-at-pump and having scanned my clubcard and entered my pin number I proceed to fill up. After about £15 worth of fuel all of the power goes off ion the forecourt for a brief moment and the pumps just go black. The power comes back on and we all have to wait for the pumps to reboot. After a while everyone else’s starts to work but mine is still dead.

So I have to go and ask one of the helpful staff and it turns out that because I was using pay at pump the transaction has now terminated and in order to finish off filling my tanks I have to go through all the scanning of clubcard and inserting of payment details again!

We had a box of sparklers in the back garden with Ben!

About 11:30 Sarah needed to print out 2 documents for her OU course, the first was 31 pages, the second 44. She started to print but about 7 pages in the printer stopped and the red light started flashing. I assumed it had run out of paper so I went out tot he shed to get some more. It was only when I got back and opened the tray that I realised that there was paper in there and it was ink we had run out of.

So we had to print the documents to my laser printer in the shed and I had to go out and sit in the cold shed while the documents printed! Then just about 7 sheets from the end my printer ran out of paper and I had to move a load of stuff to be able to get the tray out and refill it!! The things I have to do!


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