10th November

One of my toenails fell off this morning!!!


Bah! Humbug!

Went Christmas shopping as we had to get some things to send out to Oz for the nephews. It was quite depressing as I kept seeing things that I wanted but couldn’t afford. I’d really like a tablet but despite the good deals on Carphone Warehouse’s website the same deals didn’t appear in their shop. And there’s all the extras they would add on which would push the £17.50 a month up to over £30 by the time you consider having to insure both the tablet and the phone.

We went into Primark and I spotted a lovely tweed jacket and waistcoat which I tried on. I’d seen Vic Reeves wearing one on TV last night and thought it looked dapper! It seemed to go well with what I was wearing which was a white t-shirt, khaki combats and a scarf tied round my neck. Even Sarah had to admit it looked good even though she said I was old! Still at £47 it was out of my reach unless they still have them when I get birthday money next month!



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