11th November

I was going to go out on my bike today – I’d fancied it yesterday but the weather was rubbish so when I woke up to sunshine and blue skies this morning I wanted to do it. I even had where I was going to go planned out. I thought I could cycle down to Riverside Country Park and had planned out 3 possible routes in my head.

Sadly when I got the bike out of the shed I found that the tyres were flat. I got the bicycle pump out only to discover that the connector was wrong. I was sure I had the right connector so I looked for it in the shed and to my surprise actually found it! I started to pump up the tyres. Eventually I managed to get the front one hard enough and then did the back one. I tried and I tried but just couldn’t get it to go hard enough. It would seem ok but when I put my weight on it it would squash down. Eventually I had to admit defeat but reckoned I had used as many calories trying to pump the tyres up as I would have used actually going out on the bike. We need a new pump!

I enjoyed sitting out in the garden and I heard the gun being fired over at the war memorial at 11 o’clock and again 2 minutes later. As it was a nice day I decided to take the chance to cut back, tidy up and tie up the grape vines. Hopefully it will make them grow a bit more orderly next year – but I doubt it!


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