16th November

Oh the irony – having to borrow the money to get into work only to find a bottle of Cartier champagne waiting for me!!


Noticed today that WordPress has been added to the list of banned websites at work – this obviously includes this blog – Boo!

Soon the whole internet will be banned!

Today’s 30 days of the Dead download track was Dark Star – yay!

Google pulled the plug on it’s background image feature today so my home page no longer looks like this:

So I’m standing in the chip shop queue casually reading the front page of the S*n when the man in front of me just grabs it and slides it along the counter. He opens it at page 3 and pointing at the model’s tits turns to me and says “cor they’d keep me warm!” I mean what do you say to that?

I know what I wanted to say!

“careful you don’t scrape your knuckles on the way out you fucking neanderthal!”

Got a text around midnight from eldest daughter – when I went to read it found the mystery text from last night that Sarah thought had arrived but I, being half asleep, didn’t find. The one from last night alarmed me as it said she was really scared. So I phoned her. Stupid mother has been kicking off again and daughter has had to phone ambulance twice in one week. Apparently she was taken away last night but returned in early hours in abusive mood and told daughter to f-off out of the house.

Daughter is now at friends house in St Albans but had to miss a day of work in first week of new job. Mother has threatened to commit suicide if Daughter goes to graduation ceremony on Tuesday. She’s always threatening to do that but daughter takes it so seriously “but what if she did? I’d feel so guilty” I told her she needs to move out and get on with her life, can’t and shouldn’t have to be her mother’s carer and certainly shouldn’t be bankrolling her lazy arse. I, at least, was able to divorce the evil bitch but daughter is stuck with her for life. It’s been 10 years and the abuse I suffered (and got blamed for naturally) at her hands still colours the way my relationship with Sarah works – despite the passing of time and a series of counselling!


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