21st November

I am so busy at the moment and so tired that I really don’t feel like writing about the things I want to. It’s annoying the hell out of me because I’ve kept this going all year and I’m buggered if I’m going to miss a day now but the last two days entries have been minimal to say the least.

On Monday I had planned on writing about two articles I read, one about trying to influence your children’s taste in music and the other about how even people on quite high incomes are starting to feel squeezed by rapidly rising food prices but after having got stuck in a traffic jam on the A2 and it taking me almost 2 hours to get home by turning back and heading down the M20 (which in itself was going to get blogged about) I really couldn’t be arsed when I got home – hence the rather short pithy comment about feeling like a Monday.

Then yesterday, after having worked till 7pm, I got stuck in a traffic jam in exactly the same place as the day before and it was almost 9pm by the time I got home. Again I was really tired and didn’t feel like writing.

On the bright side i dug out an old CD case from the shed and although it’s in a somewhat dilapidated state it is handy for sitting between the 2 front seats holding CDs that I’ve been digging out to listen to. It’s around a year since I had the accident on my way home and we had to get the current car. The downside was that the new one didn’t have a cassette player so we could no longer plug our MP3 players in. However in recent weeks I’ve been rediscovering my CD collection by pulling out 2 or 3 CDs at a time to listen to on the way to and from work. Then I had the bright idea of the CD case, which to be honest I thought I’d binned. I found it in the shed with the CDs I took to SoL 2008 still inside! So now I can have around 20 CDs in the car at one time and I have more choice.

Over the past few days I’ve listened to:

Phish – A Live One
Black Sabbath – best of
The Door Movie Soundtrack
John Coltrane – A Love Supreme (plus bonus disc due to traffic jam!)
The Muffin Men live at the Borderline in 2003
Bob Dylan – Blood on the Tracks

Highlight of the day – by a happy accident I discovered these people today:

Lowlight of the day – finding out everything I did yesterday was a complete waste of time!

Have become obsessed with Pinterest recently – started an account with them when you had to go on a waiting list to get one but didn’t really use it. Recently after seeing someone else’s page it clicked – like a big online scrapbook you can stick all the photos you like into – either your own stuff or stuff you find on the net!


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